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We came a long way, since our humble beginning in 2000. Our journey has taught us to be instrumental in providing cutting-edge technology solutions to budding start-ups, ambitious small and medium businesses, and established enterprises. As a trusted digital IT partner, we strongly believe in maintaining the highest integrity, delivering consistent productivity along with top-notch quality, and be easily accessible at all times.

IAM Technologies is a recognized Mobile App Development company in Delhi that makes your business just a click away from the customers online. Our Skilled group of a team helps in turning your ideas into reality and enhances your business on online platforms.

We have always shared every bit of success in achieving every single milestone, and accomplishing project deliverables with both clients and employees. We want to see our clients grow, irrespective of whether they are newly found ventures, businesses striving to outperform the competition, or established organizations looking to sustain their positions.

About Us

IAM Technologies Designs, Develops, & Delivers creative and customer-centric websites and Mobile Apps. Our Work helps individuals and organizations to spread their wings digitally around the world, ensuring pinpoint and strategic results. At IAM Technologies, we believe in creating masterpieces for our clients and making long term relationships.

About IAM

IAM Technologies also provides the best Website Designing services at very reasonable prices. Our highly skilled team delivers projects that are Secure, Aesthetic, Responsive, Dynamic and Customizable which makes us one of the best Website Designing Company in Delhi. Our Developers erase the boundaries between user Interface and User Experience.


We design and develop websites that are responsive and meets your expectations in every aspect. As a Website Development Company, we know how to create a powerful and secure Site that will sustain your business for the years. We use cutting-edge technologies & follow Agile methodology

Agile Product Development

When you have a product idea, we provides the right people and expertise to create a digital product users will love. This way you build the product with confidence, not confusion.

Let’s talk about what we can build together

Whatever may be your requirement – be it a simple website design, a complex data driven web application development, an ecommerce website, a native or cross platform mobile app development, a logo and brand identity design, a video production or a full fledged digital marketing campaign – we have a solution for you.

The Process

Our Work Process

SDLC Process


Our professional collective has expertise ranging from design to development. We combine this knowledge with proactive thinking and strategic planning to approach new challenges with your overall business objectives in mind. IAM Technologies management
team brings together a wealth of experience in both technology and organizational development that is critical in helping our customers achieve their goals and ensuring that your design project or software development is planned and
managed efficiently. Thanks to a highly skilled and flexible team, IAM Technologies is in the position of providing services in the following areas…


Website Designer

When a customer lands on a business’s website or online retail platform, where efficiency and impact are always top preferences. If you want to run a successful business online or over web, you need to have a perfect UX/UI design and development service.


Software Developer

IAM Technologies, a global Offshore Software Development Company and an ideal product co-development partner, has a rich heritage of developing new products for global customers in diverse industries and domains. Our expertise stretches across the entire lifecycle of NPD.


Web Development

Expert developers, we have taken the role, lead and integrate the right technology and function for a perfect solution based on clients requirements. When developing new websites and web applications for our clients, we only rely on the most high-level and latest technologies available on the market to frequently transform ideas into reality.


Application Developer

“IAM”, is an IT solutions and services company that specialize in providing ERP Products, Custom Software development. We are into domain of providing softwares in following areas like Manufacturers, Real-estate, Retail Outlets, Hotels.


Mobile App Development ( iPhone & Android )

Mobile applications are known for their faster interface and easy to use features. Many businesses have leveraged mobile applications to provide an immersive experience to their users, connect with them, increase operational efficiency, and meet organizational goals.


E-commerce Solutions

IAM Technologies Company focuses on custom e-commerce solutions & custom web site development in Bhopal that fit your business challenges. Our e-commerce initiatives improve sales performances, customer satisfaction and marketing initiatives undertaken by a company.



Iam is a technology company providing end-to-end product development services globally. Themselves a recognized AWS partner providing 24/7 DevOps services for high availability (HA) environments, ABC has established their stature and reputation providing a top-notch DevOps Consulting Services globally.


Digital Marketing

Before and after launching of any digital product like E-Commerce Website, applications, services etc. people should know about your product so they can purchase your product at the right time. here is user traffic which has to be generated to sell your product online. Traffic can be generated either through an organic way or a paid way.

GIS Services

IAM Technologies strives to be the best service provider of GIS mapping services and solutions. We endeavor to provide best-in-class services to companies requiring help in getting spatial information mapped and interpreted.

Partnering with today’s leading spatial software application providers, IAM Technologies can work with companies to automate business processes and improve overall performance via Application Development, Database and Data Development,
Systems Integration and Information Technology Infrastructure. We have extensive set of skills in the area of GIS implementation as well as custom application development.

We have cutting edge knowledge of data mapping, feature extraction/compilation, management of information and integrating enterprises through GIS expertise.

We have worked with various government departments and developed numerous spatial applications which are seamlessly integrated to work flow.

Our major clients are from a cross-section of Industries ………..

  • Land Development Authorities
  • Municipalities
  • River Conservative Directories
  • Mining Companies
  • Pollution Control Boards

Data Services

Ensuring data accuracy is key to successful implementation as decisions are based on data from the database. Hence we ensure the accuracy during the field data collection and while creating it. We undertake GPS, DGPS, Property
and Utilities survey. We have successfully completed numerous projects across India.

There is the presence of existing digital maps data for GIS use from public and private sources. The careful use of this data substantially reduces the time and cost involved during the GIS database development stage. We assist
clients in finding appropriate existing data sources and compiling these varied data into a unified GIS database. The following data related services are offered….

  • Data Collection
  • Image Processing
  • Data Creation
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Cleaning and Validation
  • Digital Photo Interpretation
  • Cartographic Plotting
  • Off-Site GIS Management
  • Data Migration

Remote sensing

IAM Technologies provides a complete range of services to help clients obtain the best type of Digital Imagery, whether it is Aerial Photography or Satellite Imagery.

IAM Technologies have Twelve Plus years of experience in Remote Sensing and use the latest image processing and GIS software; can deliver the results quickly from desktop, web or mobile devices-making imagery more accessible,
more powerful and easier to use across all types of industries and applications including Mineral Exploration, Forestry, Land-Use Management, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.

With extensive experience in Remote Sensing, Image Interpretation and Image Classification through projects we have become well known for our innovative techniques and ability to perform highly detailed and accurate land cover
classifications in remote areas. Our Remote Sensing services include….

  • Land use / Land cover Mapping
  • Environmental Applications
  • Urban Mapping
  • Natural Resource Mapping
  • Watershed Management
  • Utility Planning


Industries We Serve

Our Clients are from cross section of industries, we strive to be a trusted business partner and work hard to ensure our clients realize significant business value for their investment-both today and into the future.


Government departments rely on accurate and timely information about the geographic distribution of demand for their services and their supply capabilities – both for policy making and optimizing service delivery.

Web Mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are widely recognized as key enablers in the data sharing. Spatial information systems use the power of location to share information between people and systems within the organization,
as well as sharing information with the public.

I am Technologies strength in information-sharing and adherence to open standards in Web Mapping, GIS and IT.

I am Technologies is helping state, central and municipal governments to meet the challenges, in many departments including…..

  • E-Governance
  • Environment & Forests Management
  • Natural Resources
  • Land Records & Administration
  • Urban Planning

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